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On-demand Features

Best Features of an On- Demand Service Web & App

We develop on-demand apps with multiple services like profile, chat system, tracking facilities, payment system etc. We offer tailor-made, optimized, convenient and all demand features added to your on-demand apps. We help you make on-demand service simple yet effective.
On-demand Services Features

Services we’re offering to
our customers.

Customer App
In On-demand we have a customer mobile app. Which allows a user to create an account and join a campaign.
Provider App
On-demand service provider app operates at record speed with a transparent and highly efficient delivery system.
Service Man App
With tracking and status updates, navigation features Service Men app is the perfect toolkit to perform.
Admin Panel
It comes with an excellent admin interface and also allows admin to track their services in an exclusive dashboard.
Best All On-Demand Features

Key Features of On-demand Development

Live Chat Support
Give users the option to interact with the customer care team for service complaints through the app without sharing the actual contact information.
Multi-language Support
On-demand apps scaleup your business with multiple language support for doing business global. User can use desired language to access.
Payment Integration
Customer can choose to pay for integrated payment with your Debit or Credit cards automatically deducted from your cards.
Offers & Coupons
Admin can add and manage multiple coupons and discounts in this system. This feature can be very attractive to attract more users to the platform.
Search by Specialist
The customer can select an expert by using the search engine and locate the particular On-Demand Service Partner required for your service.
Managing Staff
Monitor or track employee availability, geo-locate their movements, and even optimize their commute routes to avoid delays.
With Geolocation services, the Customer and the On-Demand Service Partner can easily find each other on maps and their location.
The Service provider can view monthly revenues, services status, commissions and apprentices in the analytical dashboard.
Database Backup
Database Backup Plugin preserves the operating state and stored data of the database software. It can protect database by available plugins.
Add Extra Charges
Additional charges may be added by the provider and handyman if there is additional work.
In cash on delivery services, the handyman can confirm customer payment directly in the app.
The app has an inbuilt notification system to alert the provider or handyman when an important event.
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Why Devox Tech Is The Right Choice For On-Demand App Development?

Our team of All Demand app development services providers - Research Analysts, Designers, Developers and Quality Analysts - work together to develop top class products for clients. Provide highest solution according to users' business.
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Interactive UX/UI
Dedicated Team of Developers
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On-demand App Development Features
Developed On-demand Application & Website
On-demand Features

Standard Features of On- Demand Service Web & App

Our professionals follow a scalable approach to provide high quality on-demand app feature solutions, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. Key features that powerful your on-demand home service platform are developed with our experience and expertise.
Multiple Business Model
Start multiple businesses with our highly interactive and intuitive on-demand software.
Boost Your Business
Boost your business and revenue with our all type of on-demand services software.
Brand Creation
On-demand apps are a very powerful system for building a recognizable brand and help lot in increasing online presence.
License For Lifetime
We offer a one-time payment for a domain with a regular license to use the software for a lifetime.
Latest Technology
Ondemand app platform is developed with Latest tech which delivers power ful apps with best app performance.
Custom Web & Apps
Our platform is scaled to manage unlimited users, enabling a business to integrate multiple new features.
Our active reliance on innovation and the rich experience of our developers enable us to provide the most cost-effective solutions.
All types of customization are available on All Demand App as per your business requirements.
On-demand App Update
We also provide best-in-class mobile app up-gradation services. So that your system will be updated.
Multiple Packages
We offer multiple packages like Pro, Advanced and Rental Package. Client can choose their investment cost.
Best Technical Support
Our clients will get three months of free technical support with the on-demand package. We also offer add-on technical support.
A wide range of great website and web/app themes for every business. Set the right look and feel for your OnDemand business.
Build A Successful Business

Get all-in-one Feature to run your On-demand Business

Service Provider App

Manage on the go with Provider apps. Manage with service man, customers store, inventory and fulfill orders.

Access Control

Admin can create multiple sub-accounts for staff to manage orders, run promotions or handle user queries.

Advanced Filters

Search & filter by dates, service categories, price, name, rating and keywords etc.

Optimized Routes

Navigate to multiple destinations with ease and ensure on-time booking and delivery.

Easy Management

Manage on the go with Provider apps. Manage with service man, customers store, inventory and fulfill orders.

Approval Based Listing

Control listings on your system by admin to service provider, service man, products etc.

OTP Verification

The service provider and the customer alike gets authenticated by on demand app admin.

Manage Taxes

Admin and providers can manage the taxes that will be applied to each service they provide.

Service Man App

Service man can sign up with an email ID or social media account. You can approve the account through Admin.

Unlimited Uses

There's no limit to the number or type of products/services, users, service providers, service man.

Proof of Delivery

Allow your service man to scan barcodes, add notes, images and collect digital signatures.

Customer Accounts

Manage customer account and wallet for repeat shopping. Customer can also use as guest.

Add Product

Offer variations to your products by add-ons to your products such as sizes, colors, materials, and more.

Promotional Banners

Add promotional banners to app/website to let users know what's new and special offers.

Referral Earnings

Customers can earn a small percentage of referrals commensurate with the number of friends they invite.

Wallet System

Providers, handyman and customers can use the wallet for payments, as well as keep track of balance.

Customer App

Ondemand customer app are intuitive and interactive to provide a better user experience to customers.

Add Product

Offer variations to your products by add-ons to your products such as sizes, colors, materials, and more.

API Integration

Integrate with a third party application with customize your on demand website.

*Event Menu

Set up different menus for limited time depending on the occasion of the day or celebration.

System Security

All on-demand system will be protected with a SSL and additional security on the optimized code.

Social Login

Users on your website and app can register and sign in with their social media accounts.

Commission Report

The report explain the details of the commission earned to manage the finances of provider and service men.

Self Assigned Services

Providers can specify the booked services themselves and complete and update them.

Single solution for all demand Features

All in One Solution Features of On- Demand Service App

Keeping in mind the growing demand of on-demand industry, we provide on-demand app development services solution and make it easily accessible to the customers. We develop unique and innovative apps features using latest technologies. Some of the features that the on-demand service app provides are –
  • Customer App
  • Service Provider App
  • Service Man App
  • Admin Panel
Boost your On-Demand Business

Addons Features for On-Demand Software

Systems can be modernized and automated by adding addon features to on-demand software.
ondemand payment getway UPI system
Payment Gateway
Payment gateway facilitates all types of payments through API system.
on demand service multy currency feature
Multiple Currency
Multi currencies can also be added to make the on-demand system global.
Addons Features for On-Demand Software
Verification System
User, Handyman, Provider can be use mobile number OTP for Verifications.
readymade ondemand live map system
Heat Map
The heat map function in your courier and handyman app allows you to find high-demand.
Ready made ondemand script and app
Web Booking
Ensure convenience by starting booking on the website in mobile form also.
Standard Features of On- Demand Home Service
Multiple Language
To globalize the on-demand system, more than one language can be added to it.

Android App Development
Our on-demand Android app development company creates a service app platform to connect you to a business or service provider.
iOS App Development
Provides on-demand iOS app development services at affordable prices. We have practice of on demand iOS applications in many projects.