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Essential Features of Customer App

Customer app lets user order products or services, track the order, communicate within the app, pay online etc. The application is highly interactive and intuitive to use. User friendly customer mobile apps with better interface help easy on-demand service advanced booking system with just few taps.
Users can easily manage their account by registering using social media account or email.
Advance Filters
Variety of filters for the user to search service providers based on price, rating, location and specialty.
Notifications allow users to be informed through the app about updates to their product or service.
Seamless Scheduling
User choose the day and time according to which you want the service from the service provider.
Payment Options
Multiple payment options make the system easy for users to make payments easily.
Realtime Tracking
This feature enables to track in real time the estimated time of arrival or service status of their professional.
All-In-One Feature List

Key Features of On-demand Customer App

Booking or Cancel
Users can book the service as per their convenience and can also cancel it before commencement of the service.
Live Chat System
Chat system is a great way for user to improve communication with service provider and service man.
Choice of Services
Customers have the option to choose any service provider they prefer for the best service.
Referral Earning
Customers can earn a small part of referrals commensurate with the number of friends they invite.
Manage Schedule
After booking user can track location of the service provider and schedule the arrival time of the service.
Approximate Charges*
After the customer registers their service, the system provides an approximate cost in the application.
User History
Users can also view payment history along with a list of all the services availed by them at any point of time.
User App Wallet
Users can add money to their wallet and the fee is automatically deducted from the wallet on service bookings.
Promo Code Rewards
Using this feature helps the user to avail additional benefits of promo codes, discounts, coupons etc.
Service Location
The exact service location of the user is automatically obtained through the GPS API system, no need do manually.
Review and Rating
User reviews and ratings are important, which act as feedback for service providers.
Customer Support*
Support system facility is integrated for the convenience of the customers. It helps in solving their queries.
on demand service man app feature
It helps the consumers to identify their preferred service provider or product. It saves time and energy to trace it again.
Create On Demand Services Customer Apps Solution
Save Time
Work can be done from home by booking through the app, thereby saving time from on demand apps.
on demand customner loan app feature
Save Money
Customers can book affordable and suitable contractors as per their requirement on the on-demand app.
Key Features of On-demand Customer App
Best Features of On-demand Customer App
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