Delivery App Feature

Essential Features of Delivery Boy App

On-Demand Delivery Boy App is for better management of the delivery process. You get cost-effective best-in-class custom on-demand mobility solutions for all types of delivery businesses. Delivery mobile application includes pick up and delivery of anything from food delivery to grocery, flower, pharmacy, alcohol delivery, parcel delivery, cake delivery which comes with leading highly innovative and advanced and standard features.
Live Tracking
Through live tracking, information about the delivery status of the parcel is available.
Payment modes
Delivery Boy can also receive payment through Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, Internet Banking.
Reviews and Ratings
With this option of the delivery boy app, customers can easily give reviews and ratings to the delivery boy.
Filter Option
Sort and filter options are also available for easy and quick search for delivery boys.
Push Notification
List of all notifications received by the Service Provider is displayed in the Push Notifications menu.
OTP Verification
Delivery Boy App makes the order delivery process very simple and secure with instant OTP verification.
Delivery app features

Key Features of Delivery Boy Mobile Application

Delivery boy mobile app solution is developed and designed to deliver the best handyman services for on-demand professionals robust business.
Delivery boy can register instantly with the service by entering their name, address, mobile no., vehicle details.
Details Verification
Admin can verify all the documents provided by the delivery boy before inducting him in the service.
Delivery Alert
On receiving the request from user, an alert comes to the delivery boy and the delivery can be done quickly.
Dashboard Screen
Inbuilt map with markers points to pick up, delivery & current location of the delivery boy.
Order Status
Displays the status of assigned, pending and delivered orders on the dashboard of the app.
Add Delivery Boy
The admin can simply add as many delivery boys from admin panel as per the requirement.
Navigation Menu
All the necessary options are available in the left navigation menu of Delivery Boy Application.
Settings Menu
Delivery Boy App settings allow the delivery boy to switch to their language, check profile etc.
Manage Delivery Boy
The admin can add and manage the delivery boys as well enable, disable, assign etc.
Accept/Reject Orders
Depending on the timing, distance, order details the delivery boy can accept or reject the order.
Location Management
AThe customer can enter the delivery location and agent will be able to reach easily.
Orders List
The order list show the complete list of Open, assigned, delivered, in progress to a delivery boy.
Live chat
There will be easy communication between the service provider and delivery boy.
Reports & Analytics
Delivery boys can view order, transaction analytics, order history in report menu.
Full Control
Admin has full control over delivery boys, orders, transaction analysis, earnings.
Key Features of Delivery Boy Mobile Application
on demand delivery boy app solution

Delivery Boy App Features

Manage Interface
Make delivery system organized and transparent with inputs from delivery boys.
Order Status Updation
Keep the delivery boy order status updated in real time as soon as the delivery is completed.
Delivery Feedback
Customer can give feedback to understand the behavior of delivery boy or delivery difficulties

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