Provider App Feature

Essential Features of Service Provider App

Service providers can choose their availability as per their timings. They can give their service at their preferred time as per their choice.
Accept/ Reject Request
On-demand service partners can accept or reject requests based on their availability with in limited time.
Service providers can offer their services at their own choice and at their preferred time.
Earning System
This feature helps service providers maintain their finances and plan the working day accordingly.
Advanced Reports
With advanced reports, you can pinpoint areas that need more marketing to increase commission.
Registration & Approval
Easy registration process for service providers. Once profile submitted by service provider gets approval.
Push Notification
In the on-demand app service provider gets an alert as soon as a user avails for the service.

User-Friendly Service Provider App Features for On-Demand Service

Access Requests
Service providers can access and respond to customer service requests on their dashboard.
Service Information
The service providers receive the user’s service request, estimation, details and information etc.
Contact Customer
The App enables the Service Provider to contact the User to coordinate the booking to be made.
Service Tracking
The service provider app consists of modules and track of the ongoing service.
Start & End Service
The App enables the Service Provider to contact the User to coordinate the booking to be made.
Service Schedule
To handle the time between services, the service provider has been provided with the ability to set the time of service.
App Chat
Service provider can communicate with customer and service man on real time through chat system.
Commission for Booking
The Service Provider will get a fixed commission amount for each booking in the On Demand Service app.
Value Setup
The service provider shall be able to specify the cost for the proposed service, and the offer price for the services.
Earning Report
In earning report service provider can track their earning and organize their work, time in a better way.
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Flexible Schedule
Service providers have the freedom to work and set their own schedules for when they want to provide a service.
Service Provider Dashboard
Service Providers can view performance, history, earning report and related statistics by accessing their dashboard.
Customer Rating
The service provider has the rating capability to rate the service experiences with the customers.
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Features on Demand

Start/End Service
For timed services, service providers will have a module to start the service and end it once the service is over.
Track Earnings
Service providers will have the facility to track their earnings. This benefits them to organize their day in a more productive way.
Autopilot Response
Service providers can auto pilot respond to a request. This way they can stack or schedule requests during their service.

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